• Beacon Hospice Leominster Care Center Free Open Information Session for Volunteers

    Beacon Hospice LogoAugust 13, 2015. 6-7:00 pm

    Someone needs your help today…

    Learn to help create a patient and family environment of comfort and dignity. To find out what’s involved in our volunteer training, attend this free session.

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  • A Movement Ritual; Introducing Amai

    Amai 250X250August 16, 2015

    You’ll be captivated by her as I have been in our phone conversations. Her energy is amazing, she is a joy, and brings deep wisdom. I cannot wait to meet her in person. ~ Merry

    Join us for a Talking Stick Circle and Movement Ritual to introduce Amai Clarice Munchus to the Hubbardston community.

    The movement ritual is an abbreviated version of Amai’s Healing Dance Journey, a power circle that calls us to activate our higher love and wisdom, to remember who we really are, and to generate and move our healing energies within & without for the highest good of all. Join us as we create sacred space and time with movement, music, ritual, individual and group sharing.

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Abby & Merry 350X350

Broken Places

We don’t ever meet a single soul in our travels through this world who hasn’t been touched by some brokenness. Maybe we can “rescue” each other by offering each other patience, understanding, support, gentleness.

Free To Be

We can only hope for a lasting peace when we individually come to understand that EVERY living being is a part of me; there is no duality; I am you and you are me, and what I do to you, think about you, how I behave toward you, I am doing to myself.

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